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Increasingly, media agencies and corporate marketers are struggling to find new advertising channels and ways of appearing less aggressive to consumers but still influencing their purchasing decisions and behaviour. Whether to do the promotion yourself or to outsource it depends on possibilities, skills and willingness.

We believe that promotion should be a daily activity. "Out of the box thinking, innovative solutions and fierce people are the keys to success.


Sales monitoring activities

✔ Assortment monitoring and control - we assess the availability and stock of goods, record the situation on the spot (regular reports with photos) and make
make our own suggestions.

Complaints handling - if goods are damaged or lost in the logistics chain, we file a claim with the carrier and take care of the handling.

✔ Product placement and shelving - where possible, we make sure that the goods in the assortment are in the best possible positions. We remove dirty, defective, out-of-date and otherwise unsuitable products and tidy up the display.

✔ Price monitoring - weekly price comparison of competing products, systematic analysis of the resulting information with photo overviews.

✔ Presentation of the range and new products to stores. Display of promotional products and promotional tools - we ensure that your campaigns and promotional materials are displayed in compliance.


Product presentations

We carry out product presentations and tastings (with the possibility of using technical aids - video screens).

We can also offer point-of-sale promotions: shelf labels and displays, lettering on trolleys and bags, displays in display cases and on video screens, flags, signs, etc.

Areas covered

The effects of conventional advertising are often difficult to measure and often only become apparent over time. The ways in which consumers absorb information, perceive brands and remember them have changed irreversibly. Good promotion incorporates elements of advertising to help build brand awareness, influence customer loyalty and reinforce positive attitudes.

If you've invested in promotion but are looking for fresh ideas and new solutions today, let us know. Together, we'll find new ways to grow your sales numbers.

It costs nothing to meet interesting people, invite us to visit you!

The best examples of our work


Rye waffle tasting


Ciabatta degustation

Nopri Talumeieri

Tasting of Nopri dairy products


Soup tasting

Nõo Lihavürst

Tasting of meatballs


Multicooker presentation


Product showcase at the Food Fair

Marie Brizard

Syrup and alcohol tasting


Tasting of turmeric products

Nopri Talumeieri

Dairy product tasting


Smoothie degustation


iMop Presentation

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