Peaasi sTARTUp Day 2023 connects people who care about mental health. The core of our team consists of mental health and youth work specialists, consultants, and supporters from different fields. We aspire to address mental health issues in a way that is understanding, knowledgeable, and flexible, but also optimistic, more light-hearted, and more open. 

Just as the head is an essential and normal part of our body, mental health is part of our quality of life. We want mental health to be as ordinary and visible a part of our lives as the head is a part of our body. We want all people to know that they have mental health to value and care for.

What does do?

  • We have developed the portal, which has an e-counselling function.
  • We are developing up-to-date services to make mental health help more accessible.
  • We provide trainings for young people, people who work with young people, companies, and other interested parties.
  • We use every opportunity to start public conversations about mental health.
  • We are curious and dedicated to always learning and improving to carry out high-quality, well-thought-out activities.
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Rules and Prizes

Game rules and prizes are   <<  HERE >>

Scan 15 different mental health tips QR and you participate in the prize draw