We provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for both the private and public sectors. Our product range includes a variety of waste sorting and treatment equipment to help your city or municipality sort waste easily and conveniently and save the environment. In addition, you will find products for more efficient composting.

Carenoil's aim is to help make sorting waste and saving the environment as easy and convenient as possible. Our product range is adaptable to your specific needs and wishes, and our team is always ready to advise you and propose solutions to help you achieve your environmental goals.

By working with us, you can be sure you've made the right choice!

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At fair, we present the following products and solutions for you:

Smart bins for smart city
HotBin composter
Biologic buckets, lids, filters
Oklin composter

Smart bins for the smart city

Solar-powered compactor box │Canister sealing device│Smart bins │Sensors for bins │Smart City

What makes our smart bins so special?

  • The bin compresses the rubbish 5-8 times, so you don't need to empty the bins as often. 
  • The bins are equipped with sensors that allow real-time monitoring of their fullness, which can also be used to order emptying.
  • Thanks to our smart bins, you have a better overview of the fullness and availability of your municipal bins. 
  • Thanks to the efficiency of the smart bins, you can reduce the workload of administrative staff and the need to empty bins.
  • Using our smart bins reduces waste collection costs and CO2 emissions.  
  • The bins are made of strong 2-3 mm steel material, making them durable and vandal-resistant.
  • The bin can be opened by stepping on the pedal - no need to open the hatch by hand. 
  • Standard 120-240 litre trash bags fit inside the bins.

Today,there are already 52 smart compactor bins and 12 MOLOK bins in Estonia!

If you would like a quote for your solution, please contact us by email

HotBin composter

HOTBIN is a rapid composter that turns your food and garden waste into organic compost quickly and without odour, insects or mixing. HOTBIN has insulation and a design that keeps it hot, allowing the contents to compost quickly without the need for compost additives or activators. This reduces waste incineration and allows you to compost 100% of food and garden waste. HOTBIN has been tested and voted the best composting product in the UK and has satisfied customers in Estonia too. HOTBIN has several advantages, such as fast composting, easy set-up and use, and environmental friendliness. Place HOTBIN on a flat surface in sun or shade and you will have rich compost in 30-90 days.

HOTBIN composting benefits:

  • Rich compost quickly - 30-90 days.
  • Can also be used in winter (the process slows down in winter).
  • More compost - recycle all food and garden waste
  • Easy to set up and use - light and stable, no smell, no flies.
  • Find any even surface - sun or shade
  • No accelerators or activators needed
  • Better for the environment

Biologic buckets, lids, filters

The "System Biologic" biofilter lids are suitable for most 60-240 litre two-wheeled bins (DIN EN 840). The lid is equipped with an integrated seal to ensure that air always passes through the biofilter. Keeps out flies and rodents. Bad smelling odorous substances are broken down by micro-organisms inside the biofilter into odourless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. We also have a range of smaller capacity household buckets (5L, 7L, 10L, 25L, 40L).

For citizens:

For citizens:

  • No smell around the bin
  • No bugs or flies in the bin
  • Micro-organisms in the biofilter break down fermentation gases
  • Binding of fungal spores that pose a health risk
For municipalities:

For municipalities:

  • Increasing acceptance of bio-waste containers among citizens
  • Happier citizens - better and more sustainable organic waste collection
  • Increased quantity and quality of scientifically proven organic waste.
  • Problem-free 14-day collection interval in summer
  • Municipalities can reduce their costs and at the same time protect the environment through a longer lifetime of the organic waste bin and fewer trips to the waste treatment plant.
  • Significant cost reduction
For the processor:

For the processor:

  • Increasing the acceptance and rate of acceptance of bio-waste containers among citizens.
  • More efficient collection planning
  • Trouble-free 14-day collection interval also in summer
  • Reduction of emptying costs per bin
  • More hygienic and odourless collection of organic waste - Staff satisfaction.
  • System Biologic biofilter cover is currently the most effective technical tool to minimise the problem of flies and bugs caused by separate collection of bio-waste. 
  • Citizens will experience a more peaceful experience in the bio-waste bin, without smells and jostles. "Weekly collection did not bring the desired hygiene and acceptance, as is currently achieved with filter lids and 14-day collection," says Jürgen Gerhard, municipal waste manager for the city of Neu-Ulm.

Oklin composter

The OKLIN composter is an electric composter that can compost food waste within 24 hours. It is the ideal solution for homes, cafes, schools and offices looking to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for gardens and plants. OKLIN uses Acidulo® microbes, heat and rotation to quickly compost food waste.

It is an innovative and effective method for composting food waste. The machine can compost between 4.5 and 1500kg of food waste per day, turning it into a valuable resource for fertilising plants or growing fruit and vegetables. The composter processes efficiently, thereby reducing the volume of waste by 80-90%, and consequently only needs to be emptied once a week on average.

Oklin's electric composter helps users reduce methane, carbon dioxide and carbon emissions from organic waste. The Oklin unit can process all types of food waste, either raw or processed.

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