Unlocking Expo Potential - 10 Mistakes to Fix for Future Sales

Unfortunate mistakes are common in business expos, where the intention is to impress visitors, but instead, they end up leaving a negative impression.

Increase future sales from your Expo, Trade Fair, Exhibition or Trade Show by avoiding and correcting the following 10 expo booth blunders:

1. Not having an eye-catching Headline for your expo stand

If your booth does not have an attention grabbing a headline, your presence will be missed. Your prospects should never miss your booth while scouting the event in a hurry. Make your booth headline catchy and attractive!

2. Not having a call-to-action offer

If you have not worked on a call-to-action offer that resonates with your prospects, they might see you, but you'll miss out on an immediate opportunity for their business. You should entice them with an engaging offer that is creative and compelling and convinces them to allow you permission to follow up with them. Give them a prize, a gift, anything.

3. Believing an expo is a place for sales and salesmanship

Stop operating as if the expo is a place for selling your product or service. Speak less to consumers that visit your booth. First offer them something of value, and only then speak to them according to their willingness to speak to you and your representatives.

4. Your target market is not at this expo

If your target market is unavailable at the expo, why are you there?!? Always select expo's to attend based on other vendors like you who will be there.

5. Not understanding who your target market is

If you are not aware of who your target market is, do some research before you participate at an Expo. Define your niche market as its more cost effective to focus on one market segment than many.

6. Not qualifying prospective customers

If you are trying to make everyone buy your product, like one size fits all, stop doing this. When you do engage with visitors, please qualify them as serious leads that have a high potential to be converted into sales. This will save you time and reduce unnecessary effort.

7. Wasting good information in noise "trash"

Stop giving all of your valuable information away in your booth. People can only digest so much in a short time.  Some information that is extremely integral to the prospective sale of your product should never be given away at the Expo. With all the noise, prospects might overlook important information and you'll miss the opportunity to engage with them further using the withheld info.

8. Unprofessional booth setup

If your booth lacks professionalism, then find a good expo display company to help you. These organizations can help your booth look attractive and avoid being too extravagant. You should always avoid being too flashy and gaudy. Be minimalistic and stay prepared.

9. Unnecessarily staying put in your booth

If you stay at your booth thinking that prospects will visit your booth on their own, you're missing the point. Your strategy should be based on efficient networking and marketing. There should be more than one person for your booth and one or more should be walking around the expo interacting and exchanging business cards and/or flyers for your booth. Give them to both competing vendors as well as qualified leads, and make your presence known!

10. Not having a clear cut follow-up plan

If you don’t have a follow-up plan, then create it fast!  Prospective customers might completely forget your pleas to buy the product if you waste too much time remaining idle in conversation. Be ready to end the chat with a follow-up offer so they can remember you while continuing on their expo journey.

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