Reimagine Virtual Event Promotion with 10 Creative Ideas for 2024

As more companies begin to realize the benefits of communicating with customers virtually, it's important to keep up with trends when it comes to promotion. In this article, we'll take a look at some unusual ideas for promoting virtual events in 2024 - tips to help you grab attention without spending a lot of resources.

Ideas for promoting virtual events

Regardless of the duration of the event itself, the channels for promoting events can be the same for both large and small events. OnlineExpo's team of experts have prepared 10 unusual but easy-to-implement ideas for promoting a virtual event that will help you attract the attention of thousands of people.  

1. Cooperation with sponsors

Yes, we know it's your job to advertise sponsors. But who said they can't advertise you too? If the audience of sponsors may be relevant to your virtual event, contact them and ask them to advertise on their website or social media. To save time, prepare the content you want to post ahead of time.

2. Slack communities, Telegram channels and forums

There are thousands of channels on Slack, Telegram, and announcement forums that anyone can freely join. Depending on the theme of the virtual event, select the appropriate channels or forums that may potentially be interested in attending your event.

3. Hidden features of Google

Not only Google Ads can make your virtual event stand out. If your organization has a Google My Business account, post your ad there. The service also allows you to track ad performance and check analytics.

4. Wikipedia

If your virtual event is a regular one, consider creating a Wikipedia page about it. Tell us about the history of the event, its purpose, and the impact it has. You can also describe who is behind the processes or add some interesting facts about the event.

5. Event on Linkedin

Recently, Linkedin allowed you to create separate pages for events. Just like on Facebook, you can set up an event with basic information about it, making it easier to promote your virtual event on Linkedin.

6. The Power of Influential Speakers

Make a list of event speakers who have their own large audience and ask them for a favor. These influencers are always happy to share the preview of their next talk, urging their readers to attend the event.

7. Event forums and communities

Think about what problems your virtual event can help solve, then join the relevant forums and communities that talk about it. Be as specific as possible, because your task is to help first, and only then to promote.

8. Vendors

When working with various vendors such as design, video or sound companies, think of them as an additional source of promotion for your virtual event. Where appropriate, ask about the social media post. In turn, you can recommend them to your audience.

9. Education Blog Landing Page

Use your event landing page to provide valuable content that people will want to share: articles, tools, interviews will increase brand awareness of your virtual event and make it more visible.

10. Share the experience of «creating»

If you're having trouble marketing content for your event, try sharing some behind-the-scenes of your work. Submit photos and videos of preparation, which can be edited easily using free video editors like InVideo or FlexClip. You can even share stories of difficulties or setbacks you have experienced. This will help you connect with your readers and build empathy in them.OnlineExpo specialists will help you organize and successfully hold an online, offline or hybrid event with any number of participants.